Corte Madera

Corte Madera, a city known for its countless conflicts and tribulation is under the control of a fierce and notorious man whose name is never to be spoken of. The place is overcrowded and there seems to be no tranquillity anywhere. With revolts rising, the government struggles to maintain its cities. Living conditions are at their lowest and people's wallets are empty. Food is hard to obtain as there is not enough import for everyone, causing widespread malnourishment. Humanity has gone back to its primal habits where cohesion is rare and individualism is common. Those who fight stick together and the rest scatter looking for resources... Why would such a world exist? The flourishing class system that once upheld the population's economy is crashing as prices rise drastically. Meanwhile, the streets are flooded with people due to high density housing. Despite the famine and death tolls increasing, houses keep piling higher and higher with areas collapsing due to a severe lack of health and safety. For many families the living standards are low, wages are miserable and futures look bleak. In such a wretched world, how might the outcome unfold? What has the government planned for its population?